Chevy V8 Twin Turbo Supra

This car was built by Chris Bounds from Picayune, Mississippi, USA and is a good example of what can be done on a budget with with some careful thought. The sleeper concept is alive and well with this Supra.

Power comes from a Chevrolet 350. Heads are 882 truck castings with no porting or polishing. Valves are 2.02/1.60 stainless, used only because Chris had them lying around. Rockers and springs are stock. Pistons are TRW L2256 giving a compression ratio of around 8.5 to 1. Cam is a stock hydraulic roller with lifters out of an '89 tuned port 350. Intake manifold is an Edelbrock Victor Jr. with injector bosses welded into it. Fuel rails are from a tuned port engine. Injectors are Accel 72 lb./hr. Engine management is by an SDS EM-3E.

A 3.5 inch mandrel bend mounts a Ford 75mm throttle body. Chris fabbed the headers using 3/8 flanges and weld els. Turbos are twin Garrett T3s from '84 to '86 Thunderbird Coupes which he paid $25 each for. The have .63 exhaust housings and -60 compressors. The twin intercoolers are from '87 through '88 Turbo Coupes. They cool the compressed air to within 15 degrees of ambient and show less than 1.5 psi pressure loss at full chat. Boost is dialed in at 12-13 psi.

Intercooler detail

Transmission is a 700R4, differential is a Dana 44 with 3.07 gears. The car weighs 3620 lbs. Best 1/4 mile run to date is an 11.92@117 mph. Chris reports that the idle is dead smooth at 800 rpm and 19.5 inches of vacuum, even with the 72 lb. injectors. The car runs fine on pump fuel and calculations from the 1/4 mile runs show about 480hp. Mileage is 17 mpg so far and should get better with more tweaking. Tuning is usually done with Chris' friend Jeff driving and Chris with the SDS programmer in hand.

Chris plans more mods and further tuning to get the car solidly into the 11s and may try to drive the car in the HotRod Annual Power Tour next year.

The game warden wasn't too pleased with the burnout scaring all the deer in hunting season but let Chris off with a "friendly talking to". Notice the burnout smoke still wafting into the photo and the serious patches. Ahhh... officer, I was just doin' some tunin' and my foot kinda slipped.

Update 01/24/01

Chris recently installed a 9.5" VIGILANTE converter by Precision Industries which dropped his 60 foot times from around 1.93 seconds to under 1.6 seconds. Best ET to date is a 11.437@118 mph. Precision makes high stall converters for many import applications as well.

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