Tommy Kaira ZZ

This Tommy Kaira ZZ is owned by Dr. Hajime Arakaki in Okinawa, Japan. The original engine was a Nissan SR20DE (red top) taken from the Nissan Premera, and a super close ratio Nissan Motorsports race transmission. It came from the factory with dual Solex DCOE carburetors. Motor Sports Proshop S-TEC swapped the engine for the newer and much more powerful NEO version (similar system to Honda's V-TEC) of the SR20DE. However, the Solex carbs would not perform under the high, lateral G loading of circuit racing. Kehin FCR carbs were also tried but couldn't get enough fuel at high rpm's. The car was brought to Motorworx Race Systems, and an SDS EM3-4F was installed and tuned with a custom intake using 45mm SK throttle bodies and 370cc/min ND injectors. This cured all of the car's problems.

Matt, the owner of Motorworx, says this is the funnest, most exciting car he has ever driven. "It drives around town, no problem, and when the engine hits 5500 rpm, the SDS ECU switches the valvetrain to the high lobe, the engine snaps to a much higher note, and rips straight to 9000 rpm in any gear. Imagine a Honda S2000 with half the weight".

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