SDS Mixture Meter

Our mixture meter is highly recommended for tuning our EFI or EICs. This is the world's smallest mixture meter. It is housed in a CNC'd, billet, T6, enclosure and black anodized for durability. Ten multi-colored LEDs are arranged horizontally. The meter can be hooked up to any standard oxygen sensor. It reads the O2 sensor voltage and lights up the appropriate LED to show the air/fuel ratio. It displays a range of around 11.5 (rich) to 17 to 1 (lean). This inexpensive device can save hours of tuning time and guesswork and could save your expensive engine from a meltdown. It can even warn of problems with insufficient fuel delivery due to pump or filter problems during tuning or down the road which could damage your engine. Cheap insurance. NOT FOR USE WITH LEADED FUELS. Not readable in direct sunlight. For more info:Tuning with an SDS Mixture Meter

The meter can be ordered separately or with either a single wire, unheated GM sensor (left) or 3 wire heated GM sensor (right). A steel, weld-in boss is included with either sensor. The unheated version works fine with most applications and is easier to wire. The 3 wire heated sensor requires signal, power and ground to function. Its advantage is a 60 second warmup period vs. 90 to 300 seconds for the unheated. It will also read correctly during extended idling or coasting where an unheated one may cool down under these conditions.