Racetech/SDS Rotax 912 EFI System

Oct. 8/13 Please note that the kits below are not being produced any more.

In testing, the system was found to narrow the EGT spread between cylinders in the 5500-5800 rpm range and provide approximately 3-5 more hp on an 80hp 912. Other advantages of the system will be no more throttle plate synchronization, no chokes, single throttle cable and no need for carb heat. Fuel flow and engine vibration characteristics are essentially unchanged.

Prototype system on 912UL

Full power running with test club

Basic mechanical components shown. Not shown are fasteners, fittings, clamps, fuel and vacuum hose.

Production intake plenum clamps to stock carb isolators. CNC'd end caps, throttle body flange and throttle cable mount TIG welded to plenum. Formed/ machined velocity stacks on intake runners inside plenum for increased airflow. Custom CNC'd 54mm throttle body will be supplied with kit.

Production Hall sensor mount. Production magnet disc for ECU tach signal bolts to end of crankshaft.

Basic electronic components include ECU, aircraft programmer, Hall Effect sensor, MAP sensor and mixture knob.
Not shown are wiring harnesses which are also included.

Your Rotax intake manifolds must be shipped to us for the addition of injector bosses


Here are some new photos of a twin 912S engined Eze-Flyer from Blue Yonder Aviation equipped with the SDS/ Rotax EFI systems: