Last Update: July 13/20

The UTA represents a simple concept and philosophy of buying, trading and selling with partners who share the same priciples of fairness, respect, integrity and honesty. We support companies and nations friendly to us and shun those who break WTO rules, don't respect intellectual property, use deception, unfair trade practices, counterfeiting, government subsidies and predatory pricing (dumping) to gain a competitive advantage over honest companies.

While pricing and profit are important considerations to all of us, we feel that long term economic prosperity and retention of key industries and jobs in friendly, democratic countries is a far more important long term goal. We've seen too many industries move production to unfriendly countries with cheaper labor, the consequence being millions of lost jobs at home and a dangerous dependency on these unfriendly countries who don't play by the same set of rules. This is a path to destruction for our economies in the long term and we've already seen serious erosion in many markets. We therefore believe pricing should be a secondary consideration when purchasing products.

It doesn't make sense to support companies and nations who have a goal to dominate and control all industries and indeed nations, as their end game.

Join us to make the world a better place.

Here at SDS, we currently buy products from the following friendly countries: