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The affordable engine management system that YOU can program!

Don't let the word "Simple" in SDS lead you to think that our systems are not up to the task of making hp. You don't need an expensive, complicated EFI system to win national championships and set records. We've been helping people make their dreams run strong for over 22 years. Below are just a few examples of highly successful vehicles using SDS all over the world:

Honda V6 powered Titan T51B replica built and owned by Ben Chester-Master in the UK. Dual SDS EM-5 6F ECUs

Jeff Ackland's LS V8 powered P85 with an SDS EM-5 8D system
First flights video
Ground running, takeoff, low pass and landing

Shane Getson's 193 knot Subaru EJ255 turbo powered RV7, EM-4 4F equipped

Daniel MacPherson's EA81 powered Windfire helicopter, Idaho, USA. EM-5 4F equipped

Titan P-51 Mustang replicas powered by EM-4 6F equipped Suzuki V-6 engines. Courtesy of Mike Crene of Kiwi Mustangs in New Zealand. Photo by Kathy Bland.
See and hear it

For aviation system information click here: Aircraft

World's fastest SDS equipped car. World's fastest stock bodied Corvette. Ed and Harold Carter's '93 Corvette-274 mph at the 2010 Bonneville Salt Flats.

V6 powered GT2 Nissan 240SX owned by Ken Muth, Snohomish, Washington, USA. EM-3 6F equipped.

Patrick Shaw's awesome 614hp Porsche 930 runs on E85. SDS EM-5 6F equipped. Tuned by Paul Bhawan at Splitfire Performance.

550hp Turbo V6 powered 240Z built by SimTec Motorsports in Valencia, California, tuned by Ray Sedman and SimTec. SDS EM-4 6F equipped.

Porsche 935 owned by Marc Belanger, Ottawa, Canada. SDS EM-3 6F with twin coil packs.

2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 Pimm 300 Class 7 winner, 2009 Baja 500, Baja 1000 SCORE Class 7 winner, overall Class 7 champion Daniel Chamlee/ The Factory Racing. SDS EM-4 6F equipped. Congratulations!

VW MK1 1800cc powered Buggy wins in Ecuador Rally 2015. Pablo Betancourt/ Edwin Alba driver/ co-driver. SDS EM-5 4F equipped. Congratulations!

Toyota Hilux 2.7L driven by Mario Hernandez in the Atacama Desert, Chile. SDS EM-4 4F equipped.

Congratulations to Collin Jackson, polesitter and GT3 Class winner SCCA National Runoffs 2006 and 2014. Nissan 240SX prepared by Specialty Engineering, New Westminster, BC, Canada. SDS EM-4 4E equipped.

Collin was back on the pole for the 2014 Runoffs at Laguna Seca amd wins the 2014 GT3 race again!

***Our 22nd year of supplying affordable, user friendly, programmable, engine management systems for aviation, automotive and marine applications***

Stand alone, programmable fuel injection for automotive and non-certified aircraft applications. Suitable for street and track use.

Basic components of distributorless EM-5 4F system shown with billet coil pack

The EM-5 is the latest evolution of our highly successful EM-1, EM-2, EM-3 and EM-4 systems used in some of the fastest performance vehicles in 45 countries worldwide. The fifth generation system features improved digital, hard filtering and circuit protection, easier, more programmable features, a noise resistant, single chip, ECU design and batch fired injectors for reliability and ease of hookup and programming. Proven bulletproof in the high heat and brutal pounding of desert offroad racing and the demanding Experimental aviation market.

SDS offers 3 basic units to cover most popular applications:

  • EM-5 D: provides control of fuel injection only for Wankel 3,4,5,6 and 8 cylinder engines.
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  • EM-5 E/MSD: provides fuel injection and crank triggered ignition control on 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines equipped with a distributor and aftermarket spark boxes like MSD and Crane.
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  • EM-5 F: provides fuel injection and crank triggered, distributorless ignition control on 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines.
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    With SDS, the programming software is embedded, reliable and proven- nothing to load and values are retained in memory even with power off. Programming can be accomplished with the engine turned off or running. No laptop required for tuning or monitoring. Four gauge modes permit real-time monitoring of all sensor inputs to the ECU complete with fault diagnostics on-screen. A mixture trim knob permits a full + or - 50% change in pulse width from the programmed values. Major SDS components are housed in quality aluminum enclosures and we offer a 3 year warranty on parts and labor.

    The EM-5 series has been extensively proven in over 22 years of development, testing and real world use on a variety of street, race and special applications. It has been successfully used on cars, boats and amateur built aircraft.

    For Ford EEC equipped vehicles, check out the SDS plug-in systems offered by Western Motorsports on our Dealer/Links Page or:

    Please note: Installation of SDS will void most vehicle warranties and emission compliance in some areas. Check your local laws for street driven vehicles.

    For information on kit contents, optional items and programmable parameters, click on Specifications

    For optional PC data logging info click here: data logging info

    New product, now available. CPI (coil pack ignition). Stand alone distributorless ignition for carbureted and mechanically injected engines.

    More info

    The Gold Standard

    Racetech dual pump module. Originally developed for the experimental aviation market but can be used for performance/race automotive applications as well. Mounts twin, genuine Walbro pumps. Anodized 6061T6 body resists oxidation and corrosion, 7075T6 fittings are double O-ring sealed (genuine Viton) for ultimate strength and reliability, straight flow path without restrictive banjo fittings, integrated sintered bronze filter which is easily inspected, cleaned and replaced. Mounts drilled for AN3 bolts- unthreaded, a variety of 1/4 NPT ports available for different fuel line connections and pressure measurement. Price $625US with pumps for up to 600hp. $680US with pumps for up to 800hp (using both pumps). Approx weight as shown- 3 lbs./ 1370 grams. Supplied with 4 1/4NPT plugs. No dealer discounts on these items.

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